I created these storyboards in Photoshop using layer comps. I then exported into Flix. 

The first two sequences have dialogue at the bottom of the storyboard to give and idea of my acting. However, the sequences after the first two do not have the dialogue, they are just there to show my acting poses and general storyboard sensibilities. 

In this sequence, Sam (Character with hat) is feeling guilty and is internally torn. He has lied to the little girl character about his intentions. She thinks they are on their way to the city to free the creature she is carrying in her briefcase.
Here, our main characters are stranded in a desolate junkyard. Sam (small character with a hat) is trying to help and motivate Guy (grumpy character). They successfully create a new ride to get them on the road again. However, the machine needs coinsandSamhas a dangerous but hilarious idea to get more coins.
The main characters are trapped in a desolate junkyard. They decide to hunker down and tell each other sentimental stories.
The bad guys are catching up to our main characters. They question locals at a bus stop.
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